About Mike Lopez

Hi, I’m Mike. I am a success coach, internet marketer and web developer. I also love to travel with my family and spend time with them enjoying life.

Life didn’t start out easy for me though. My first job was a gasoline boy after which I became a dishwasher, waiter, janitor, messenger and more.

My break came in the form of a low-paying job as a data-encoder. My boss who eventually became me and my wife’s godfather was good to me, he allowed me to the use the computer after work which I used to learn web development.

From there, my desire to learn more about website development and internet marketing grew more and more until I finally became what I am today.

I knew in my heart I wanted to teach people everything that I learned in life but there are already a lot of internet marketing gurus and programming masters out there.

I then discovered that I have a passion to help others earn more and have a better life. To motivate people reach out to their higher self.